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We offer new resources for Wild! on a regular basis. Whether its a new Master List that you can access to add new Species or a new version of Wild! that offers new features and improvements, you'll see it announced here.

We release new versions of Wild! often. Why? Because the Wild! project team uses the software in the field almost every day and we're constantly coming up with new ways to improve the product.

Check back often to see what's new!

4/15/12 Version 2.16 is released.

. Major new improvements include:

• Area-based observations. No longer must you report a wildlife Species to create a dataset record. If you're involved in Management of areas -- do you monitor nesting boxes or do habitat improvement projects? -- Wild! can now help you track your efforts.

• Custom Fields are now extended to all of the "objects" in Wild! Create custom data fields for Species, Areas, Trips, Habitats AND Actions and have those fields included in your observation Records EXACTLY the way you want them to be applied. Need to record male/female count for a grouse lek and adult/immature for eagle sightings? No problem. Use the new "Include" checkbox to apply your custom fields only for certain Species/Areas/Habitats/Actions or apply them globally.

This new feature will also help you track Subspecies.

3/20/12 Version 2.15 is released.

Major new improvements include:

• Slate/Tablet compatible.

• Import Google Earth Maps to define new Areas.

• Sopisticated GIS features for precise mapping of points, transect lines and shapes. Includes export to GIS systems. Compare to hand-held GPS devices that cost thousands of dollars!

8/14/11 Version 2.8 is released.

Trip Monitor enhancements. Automatically detect arrival on a Point or Travel protocol area and automatically start a new Trip.

Report Enhancements.

Support for Routes.

Bigger Type for better readability.

Added Type-to-Search in Area list.

Added ending coordinates for Travel protocol so TripMonitor can automatically detect entry or exit from a Travel protocol area.

7/12/11 Version 2.7.0 is released. This major revision includes a new Trip Monitor that offers some great new GPS integration features.

The Trip Monitor can be used to create precise Point Survey locations. It can also help you return to previously-defined locations and automatically start a new Trip session upon your arrival.

Trips can also be closed using the Trip Monitor, streamlining the steps necessary to survey many specific locations.

There are also new features to help you collect more precise location data. The Bearing and Distance fields can be used to adjust coordinates to subjects' exact locations instead of just the coordinates representing the location where you viewed them from.

Behind the scenes, Wild! will use a more streamlined data model, with new tools for filtering lists to make using lists of many thousands of Species easier than ever.

Improvements to the Reports engine gives you even more flexibility to define reports to meet all of your data requirements

6/15/11 Version 2.6.6 is released. Wild! now offers a "Check for Updates" feature to help you stay up-to-date with the software to make sure you have all the latest features and enhancements!

Support for Gmail accounts has been added so you can use a Gmail account to share photos and data with others.

The Merge feature has been improved so Wild! will be the perfect solution for gathering field data as part of a BioBlitz team.

5/24/11 The new "Wild! Pro Bundle" package is designed to get field users up to speed quickly, regardless of how complex the data-gathering requirements might be.

The Pro Bundle includes one Wild! Premier license and two hours of Professional Training.

For details or to order the Pro Bundle, visit the Wild! Pro Bundle page.

5/16/11 The Suggestion Box has been busy -- you've had some great ideas about how to improve Wild!'s Google Earth Maps!

"It would be neat if I could embed my own photos with the placemarks" -- Yes, that WOULD be neat. And now you can.

We added support for FTP in the Wild! Multimedia library so you can upload your photos to a web server. The URL to the photos will be included in the Google Earth Map file. You can now organize photos by Observation Record in addition to all the other categories (Species, Areas, Trips, etc.)

You can use the FTP function to upload your Google Earth map file right from Wild!

Install version 2.5.8 (available now) or higher to take advantage of the new Google Earth Map features.

5/9/11 Added FOY filter in Quick Report window. Now you can easily generate FOY lists for a trip, area or the whole year. Make sure you have the latest version, which is 2.5.4.

5/3/11 Wild! 2.5 is released. If you're using Wild! in the field, you'll love some of the big improvements in this release. Voice Commands are more streamlined and reliable than ever. We've also added a "Type-to-Search Voice Feedback" setting that helps ensure Species accuracy while using the fast Type-to-Search function.

Other improvements include bullet-proof dataset integrity. We came up with some special punishments for our testing procedures and have implemented new safeguards to protect your data under some of the worst scenarios possible.

4/3/11 Wild! 2.4 is released. New SkyCount (Beta) feature gives Premier users a tool to estimate numbers of flocks, herds or schools of birds, mammals, fish or other wildlife that can be photographed congregating in large numbers!

3/24/11 Added Nebraska and Kansas Dragonflies and Damselflies to Master Lists.

3/21/11 Added Iowa Dragonflies and Damselflies to Master Lists.

3/7/11 Added Iowa Reptiles and Amphibians to Master Lists.

3/1/11 Released version 2.3 of Wild! This version adds GPS stamps to recorded observations if you have a GPS attached to your computer with a USB cable. Export Google Earth files to show the precise locations for selected records.

2/10/11 Added Montana Plants (USDA) to Master Lists.

2/10/11 Added Iowa Plants (USDA) to Master Lists

2/3/11 Updated eBird world Master List to January 2011 taxonomy released by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

1/29/2011 Caribbean Reef Fish (211 species) added to Master Lists..

1/29/2011 North Dakota Birds (AOU) added to Master Lists.

1/29/2011 South Dakota Birds (AOU) added to Master Lists.

1/29/2011 Nebraska Birds (AOU) added to Master Lists.

1/26/2011 Iowa birds (AOU) added to Master Lists.

1/24/2011 Arizona Lizards and Snakes added to Master Lists.

1/24/2011 Arizona Birds (AOU) added to Master Lists.

1/24/2011 North American Freshwater Fish added to Master Lists.

1/21/2011 Wild! offers Give and Get fundraising for conservation-related nonprofit organizations See details here..

1/21/2011 New version of Wild! released today. Version 2.2 has many enhancements, including support for Range Maps in the Multimedia Library!

1/20/2011 Added four-character code to Bird Master Lists for Species within the American Ornithologist's Union Check-list area.

1/17/2011 Student discount offered through March 31, 2011 Enter code STUDENT when you purchase Wild! through our product page to receive a 40% discount

1/16/2011 Master Lists now include Alabama Reptiles and Amphibians.

1/11/2011 Master Lists now include North American Butterflies! Update your Lists directly from our server-based Master Lists. Mammals of North America were also added today.

For more information, please contact fullcirclesoftware@gmail.com