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Wild! was first created as a tool to help birders easily share data with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology because we strongly support their efforts to collect a growing mass of data that will be an important resource for bird conservation. Many casual birdwatchers will be able to use the free Lite version of Wild! for a lifetime while they share their observations with eBird.

We don't want to limit our commitment to supporting just the eBird program.

We'd be pleased to consider requests from any conservation-oriented nonprofit organization to support their fundraising efforts by earmarking a percentage of the proceeds of sales of Wild! software on eBay.

If your organization is included among the nonprofit organizations that can be designated as the recipient of auction proceeds at eBay, drop us an email and express your interest in having a Wild! eBay listing posted just for your organization. In your email, please provide a URL for your web address if you have one. If you don't have a web site, please include a copy of your Mission Statement. If we decide to list a Wild! license for you, we'll share generously and we'll provide details in a follow-up communication.

Your supporters will get Wild! in return for giving to support your cause.

We also offer a 25% discount for members of selected organizations, including:

Audubon -- use discount coupon code AUDUBON when you register Wild! through our share*it site.

Mountain Bluebird Trails -- use discount coupon code BLUEBIRDS when you register Wild! through our share*it site.

OspreyWatch -- use discount coupon code OSPREY when you register Wild! through our share*it site.

eBird -- use discount coupon code EBIRD when you register Wild! through our share*it site.

For more information, please contact fullcirclesoftware@gmail.com